Aug 18, 2011


Tomorrow. That's it. Tomorrow. I never thought I'd be writing this since the departure date has always seemed so far away, but it is indeed the 18th of August today which means, yes, I leave for Belgium tomorrow. My flight leaves at 16.40 which means I'll have to be at the airport at 14.30 so we leave home around 12.30. Basically I have less than 24 hours at home. Wow.

I went to school to meet people for the last time and it felt so weird. Everything was so familiar, yet I didn't feel like I belonged there. Saying goodbye to important people isn't easy either.. It's weird. "Hey, bye now, see you in a year!" I'll miss my friends and family so much. And I've had a full day of that :D But at the same time I'm so excited to go, I've been waiting since I don't know when for this, so now that it's finally becoming reality, well, I'm happy! My bags are packed and I managed to stuff everything into one suitcase and my trolley, so proud of myself for that!

That's all for now,I guess my next post will be from la Belgique then!
Hugs, Julia =)

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