Aug 10, 2011


Packing has to be one of the most difficult things ever. How do you pack for one year? I'm planning on taking one suitcase of max 23kg and a trolley of max 8kg as my hand luggage plus a bag that will pose as my hand bag, while really being stuffed. Still, it seems impossible. :D Everyone keeps on telling me I'll never fit everything I need into one suitcase, which really just adds to the stress of it.. :P Because I fear they might be right. But oh well, if I do forget something very important, it can either be sent from Finland or bought as new in Belgium, after all I'll be able to find pretty much all the same stuff as in Finland... So it should be alright in the end :) I still have 9 days to figure it out!

I also got some paper work done today. I had to have some forms signed by my parents at the register office in the presence of some clerk and I have to make them aware of the fact that I'm moving abroad for a year.. Complicated stuff.. Afs also sent me a mail that said I'd be needing 6 official passport pictures so I had those taken too, and ugh that is the worst thing ever. What is it with those cameras that they always manage to make you look awful on the pictures?  Oh well, I guess those pictures are better than the one on my actual passport, taken in 2003? :D

My days are quite full it seems.. I have four more days work, three in a row now and then one more later on. Two farewell parties, one with friends and one with my teammates. Two games. One day I promised to go to school still. And well, the rest of the time goes to meeting up with friends, spending time at home and of course, as the title says, packing. Truth is, I've got to get it done, in the end it is ONLY 9 days left. And to be quite honest, I can't wait to get to Belgium! Excited!


  1. I just read your last two posts and your family/placement seems really amazing! 40 dogs is so crazy. I don't know if you've seen my posts on CS, but my departure is most likely going to be delayed because I still don't have a host family. I'm really sad that I'll miss orientation and I won't get to meet you, but I'll see you at the mid-stay orientation and maybe before! Make sure to write a detailed post about the orientation for me!

  2. Kul att du åker till Belgien, har funderat på det själv! Du har en till läsare nu :)

    //Lina-Lotta (LadyGrey på

  3. Låter super häftigt!ha det så kul! :)

  4. Just kidding, I'm not being delayed anymore. See you at orientation!