Mar 27, 2011

Small introduction

Hi there! As you might've figured out, this blog will tangle everything concerning my exchange year to Wallonia in Belgium. The organisation I'm using is AFS. I thought I'd start by doing a slight introduction of myself, if I'd happen to have readers who don't know me (as if :P). 


I'm a 16 year old girl from southwestern Finland. I love music, love languages, love travelling. I play football, go to concerts whenever I have the opportunity, read books, watch movies etc. 

Why do the exchange? And WHY Belgium?

Well, as I said, I love travelling, and I love languages, I really want to learn French properly. I picked Belgium for my exchange because... yeah why? One thing was the language ofc, I want to learn French but I wasn't too keen on going to France, I don't know why. The fact that it's a bilingual country also kind of fascinates me, I am bilingual myself so it'll be interesting going to a country where the bilingualism (probably not even a word huh? ) is handled in a completely different way than here. I also know some awesome Belgian people and have visited the country before. 

That's all for now :) I really can't believe it's only 4 months and a few weeks until I leave for my exchange.... ^^ Scary shit. I'll just have to get through two "exam weeks" and a full term before summer. 

Hugs, Julia =)