May 27, 2011

Less than 3 months..

Summer's approaching and I only have one week of school to go! That is, two exams and some random days. Of course once summer starts I'll be working and working and working at this cafe next to a museum, but it seems like a really nice job so I don't mind. Plus, I'll be needing quite a lot of money for Belgium I'm sure.

It's less than three months until my departure date now.. It still does seem surreal though. I have yet to find out my host family, city, school and all that which is plain torture, I want to know more already! A couple of weeks ago I had my orientation camp which was amazing! We were about 40 Finnish boys and (mostly) girls, all going to Europe! The group- feeling towards the end of the camp was just really great since we all had that one big thing in common. I already dread packing for a full year, I mean how can you get the things you need for a year into ONE suitcase? Impossible :D Besides AFS should give me my restrictions on how much I get to take so that I can first buy myself a proper suitcase... Oh and it's weird to have these last-one-before my departure things coming up all the time, like last normal school day, last exam, last one of this and last one of that... I guess this is the point where I realise I'm actually going away for a year?

Haha, random thoughts this time.
Hugs, Julia =)