Aug 22, 2011

Je suis en Belgique!

Soo I am in Belgium, finally! I'm sorry for all possible errors I make while writing, the keyboard of this pc is different, and my english is veerrry bad at the moment :D

But Fridya the 19th I left home at 12.30 without realising that I was actually leaving.. It didn't even hit me at the airport.. Saying goodbye to my parents and all was weird but I couldn't understand the fact that I wouldn't see them soon again. We were three girls on the flight to Brussels, which was really nice since we were all slightlyyy excited and of course nervous too! Iida and Josefiina, thanks for the company! :) Our flight landed at maybe 18.20 in Brussels and that was finally it, we were in Belgium! Afs volunteers met us at the airport and afyer getting our luggage we were escorted out to take the shuttle to the hotel where our orientation camp would be held. Once we arrived at the hotel it was already after 7, almost 8 o'clock so we immediately had dinner and then there was some progral in the evening; the big guy of AFS Belgique held a speech and then it was bed time for us, which was good since we were quite exhausted :D

We had a fairly early wake-up in the morning, so everyone was tired at breakfast. And all of a sudden I saw a very familiar face there; my host sister, Jade! I was surprised to see her and I must've seemed like such an idiot when we first talked as the surprise of the situation just got to me and I barely spoke :D Well, during the day we did some similar stuff as on the camp in Finland in May, of course now the information was more Belgium-specific, but still it wasn't that much new info to be honest. But it was really nice to meet all the other exchange students that came to Belgique! And the feeling, when you saw someone you already knew by their face through facebook or some, very bizarre :D As the afternoon passed by, everyone became more and more nervous, since the last thing at the camp was of course the most exciting one, we were to mleet our host families for the first time! Well, my hostmum wasn't there so I didn't meet anyone new at that point anymore but the others had roses that they gave to the families that were waiting for them with big signs with the student's name on. I thought that was quite nice really :)

I've now spent a couple of days in my new family and all I can say is that they are indeed a bit crazy and different to the ordinary family, but I like them! The house is HUGE, and there are tons of animals but it's nice so far, really. We have a Russian girl here too, temporarily seeing as there are some problems with the Hong Kong girl's visa, and the Russian girl, Valeriya, didn't have a family yet. She's funny.  So far, we've visited Tournai, the big city nearby, I've tried a couple of Belgian beers (and liked them!! :D), and tried speaking French, which isn't that easy to be honest. I'll put up some pictures on the blog at some point, but right now I only have them on my camera :D

I think that's pretty much all for now, I'll try to update soon again, but no promises, I'm sorry :D
Hugs, Julia! :)

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