Nov 17, 2011

I am an exchange student

Being an exchage student:
It’s to be born again
It’s to start everything from the beginning
It’s to feel nostalgia
It’s to learn to value what you have
It’s to be scared
It’s to learn to take care of yourself
It’s to eat in excess
It’s to think what once was imagined
It’s to know the unknown
It’s to share the special moments with other exchange students
It’s to never have any money
It’s to spend too much on useless things
It’s to be hot
It’s to be cold
It’s to be the reason for the jokes
It’s to make jokes
It’s to leave the house looking ridiculous (I’m an exchange student, nobody knows me)
It’s to pretend to understand nothing at school
It’s to pretend to understand what you new friends say
It’s to have absurd stories
It’s to make friends which turn into siblings
It’s to think that the world is yours
It’s to want to see the world with only a backpack
It’s to miss stupid things
It’s to discover that people are people in whichever part of the world
It’s to want to go home
It’s to never want to go home..
It's a small piece of text that's been circulating around Facebook, and I quite liked the message.
Bisous, Julia =)

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  1. Hm... Carefull, 2 months in 6 days my dear! =D